Roseman: Eagles in London Would be a ‘Great Opportunity’

Updated: September 17, 2013

The guys over at Tuesday Morning Football managed to have a quick chat with our very own Howie Roseman. We got to see his views on Andy Reid who this very Thursday will be facing off against the Eagles with his 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs. A game which could see Chip slip to 1-2 or take the franchise by it’s horns driving it to 2-1 before facing off against Peyton Mannings Broncos in Week 4.

Being a UK based website the topic of London was always going to pop up. To be more precise the question of the Eagles playing in London. Whilst many Eagles fans across the pond will dislike the idea of losing a game to us Limey Brits, Howie see’s the prospect as a “great opportunity for our football team to come out and play out there.”

Roseman said the following to TMFootball; “We want to grow the game, we want to have the fans around the world have interest in our game because it’s a tremendous game. We have so much passion for the game of football in the States and to get people to see what we’re interested would be awesome. I know our owner wants to grow the game as well. I think it would be a great opportunity for our football team to come out and play out there and a brand of football that I think the fans would really enjoy.

Until then we got to get all UK fans to Philadelphia, tell them to give me a call when they come here, we’ll welcome them with open arms. Anyone who wants to root for the Philadelphia Eagles is a friend of mine.”

The Eagles do have a pretty vast fanbase in the UK when compared to other franchises’. Naturally the idea of the Eagles playing in Wembley would send me jumping for joy, the reality being that i’m not holding my breath just yet. We will get two games a year, one of those will be a non-divisional (not confirmed but best guess) Jaguars game and the other one won’t be confirmed until around draft time in 2014.

The NFL International boys have done well with their fixtures. Whilst the Jags don’t make for amazing viewing they are facing last years SB runner-ups. In the first game we’ve got the NFL’s poster boy Adrian Peterson against…. well it’s just the Steelers but still.. AP eh!

Anyways the interview also touched on the controversial topic of Riley Cooper and asked about the risk factor when the Eagles signed Vick back in 2009. Needless to say there’s a bit about Chip too. It’s a good little read over at TMFootball.

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